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You are not a realist.

You are a paranoiac, and a cowardly one at that.

I labor best under false assumptions.

That’s how you can tell, despite all appearances of being a hater, that I am a lover at heart.

How could that be who I am?

That’s not even the kind of person I am.

How arrogantly he affirms his arrogance.

It is as if he had other, redeeming qualities that could make up for it!

Counting down and up.

It is unrealistic to expect a great person to be one. A small one has a better chance of being many.

A personality is like an operating system.

Installing and uninstalling too many applications makes a mess. Nonetheless, reinstalling the current operating system is the last resort, and installing a different one is an option hardly considered.

Philosophy of internet.

Where does the online personality go when its creator is offline?

The adoption of one is an aesthetic choice.

A defensive personality cannot in the least minimize pain and suffering.

Friendship can be judge quantitatively or qualitatively.

Either way, the judger has bought and sold their friends on the personality-market.

No way out.

Having no personality is a personality. Meaning nothing means something.