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Another try.

Pessimistic in psychology, optimistic in presupposition.

For Gramsci.

My stance is pessimistic in psychology, optimistic in philosophy.

You are tired all the time.

Pessimism is the spirit of your age.

A collectivity is more than the sum of its members.

A tremendous pessimist when it comes to individual agency can be a tremendous optimist when it comes to collective action.

Once-a-day supplement.

My aphorisms provide more than 100% of the daily recommended dosages of pessimism, negativity, and ill-humor.

It’s all around you.

Blind pessimism is just as naïve as blind optimism.

Principle and politics.

A radical pessimism is conservative, whereas a conservative pessimism is radical.

Pessimistic reason.

The insane speak aloud without consideration of a worldly response. The pessimistic speak out to the world without expecting a considerate response.