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My orientation is phenomenological.

I will apologize to nobody but Derrida for indulging in a “metaphysics of presence.”


He wasn’t trying to show off—he was only trying to show up.

A word, for instance.

A representation has a presence all its own.

Give me a break.

Reasoning is compulsive for one who has not learned to suspend it.


The suspension of discourse keeps a number of things—cognition, judgment, and narration—from arising.

Claim: ego arises between sensation and perception.

Support: an overpowering sensation dissolves ego and thought at the same time.

Another look.

The trick is to see that this “how things are not” is built into the “how things are.”

Be careful what you look for.

The eye always on the lookout for hypocrisy has looked right past the reality of appearances.

Hiding out.

Anything that appears appears to be something other than it is.

I demonstrate that the phenomenon is.

This entails showing what it is not, how it came to be, and why it could be otherwise.