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Most problems regarding “humanity” are unsolvable.

The philosophical approach is to pose such problems more profoundly. The political approach is to drive towards a solution in any case.

There are no singular, overwhelming intellects.

There is only “general intellect” that misrecognizes its own process of production.

Things indifferent.

Free will is a philosophical question I lack the requisite cultural heritage to appreciate.


He was a self-promoter in a field full of self-promotion, and pretty great at it.

Philosophy is a mirror.

What appears therein depends on who is looking and how they look.


The Twitter theorist cares too much about what others think. The philosophical diarist cares too little.

Sound versus sense.

Putting on a Coltrane record doesn’t make you a jazz aficionado any more than reading aloud from a Kierkegaard book makes you philosophically minded.

What’s your problem?

The basic problem of all philosophy.

For Zhuangzi.

Wander beyond the realms of life and death; travel beyond the descriptions of metaphorical and literal.

Man is not the measure of all things.

Man is not even the measure of man.