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Perspective and place.

You must step outside the frame of capital to see what lies inside it.

Position, power, perform.

What you say can change where you say it.


It is the time and place to melt precious little snowflakes.

What is this place?

True, they will be in a re-education camp when we win. But we are already in a re-education camp—they call it “the school.”


The not-easy-to-place is not easy to replace.


The distance between one key on the piano to the next is “space.” The shape of my hand that produces harmony or dissonance is “placed.”


Good: Being and Time. Better: life in place.

Grand speculation.

“If ‘I’ lived in another time and place…” involves a mind-boggling set of counterfactuals that can barely be imagined.

Antiquarian utopianism.

Those who monumentalize the past speak not of particular times and places: they speak of No-Place, Never-Lands.

Go back to where I came from?

You can’t go back to nowhere—you can’t even come from there.