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Who is utopian?

F.A. Hayek, a second rate philosopher, must be dismissed along with Plato, the first among the utopian theorists.

Plato’s “Republic.”

Imagine how much better the book would be if Socrates just admitted, “I don’t know what justice is?”

Plato’s allegory.

How can you tell you have escaped the cave? When you dwell differently within it.

You’ve got strong views alright.

You are downright fixated upon the shadows on the walls.

The sun is the good.

She lay awake that night, waiting for the monitor to turn itself off. She opened the blinds that night, waiting to sleep in the sunshine.

The cave is inhospitable.

But all who climbed their way out of the cave have learned that there is no place like home.

Judge’s “Idiocracy” is Plato’s “Republic” for idiots.

The thesis is that the least idiotic One should rule because the Many are too stupid to rule themselves. 

Some time has passed since the Sun set.

The illumination of events dispels the impression that “everything is the same” more convincingly than the light of reason in dark times.

Platonic judgment.

The difference between good and bad art is sensible: visual, audible, tactile. The difference between thought and unthought is invisible, unheard, untouchable: in a word, intelligible. Therefore you don’t have to be able to make art in order to judge it (though you must have taste), but you do have to know how to think […]