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All praise to the poets.

Poets know unusual words and, even better, how to use them. 

For Whitman.

A vast similitude interlocks all poetics of vast similitude.

Ted Chiang, “Exhalation.”

The thesis is poetic and precise: consciousness is disequilibrium.

I contain multitudes.

The aspiration to be one-self is driven by incoherence and measured by impossibility.

The true is not the actual.

All poetry and progressivism, idealism and dialectics presuppose this lack of identity.

A materialist conjecture.

Your death is that prosaic occurrence which is guaranteed to take your breath, heart, and mind away—hence the poetic association with love.

Adolescence, maturity.

Musical and athletic genius for the young; philosophical and poetic genius for the old.

Kendrick Lamar, “Growing Apart.”

Only an artist who seriously believes that poetry is thought will have the conviction required to close with “so in conclusion…”

I try to close into my merest self.

Yet our prosaic selves remain constitutively open to the poetry of the world.

Kelly Tsai got me into slam poetry.

More than our taste for a genre or even our recognition of quality, our taste for company and even our identification with an artist accounts for the art we like.