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Expanding consumption gives rise to expanding hungers. 

Competition improves nobody.

Competition simply makes people more competitive.

“Neoliberalism” ceaseless commodifies, privatizes, etc.?

What you mean is capitalism. If you could only find the courage to admit you hate it.

Human capital, social capital, physical capital.

With all this capital around, how could anything as fantastical as a “worker” exist?

Capitalism teaches that life is work.

Capitalism also automates, prices, and throws people out of work—murderous gestures, by its own standards. 

Irate irony.

I would say, “You should have bought me while I was still for sale.” Except it is more accurate to say, “You could have bought me while I was still for sale.”

Money makes people work harder.

But it makes them work harder at the stupidest of tasks: making more money.

What can be “owned”? Who can “own” it?

Critics of the notion of cultural appropriation, strangely, often defend the notion of intellectual property.

Political economy versus political ethics.

Substitute “interests” and “incentives” for “rights” and “duties.”

Another ideological conflation.

Ideology: “Free-trade.” Translation: “Economic necessity.”