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Political action is unpredictable.

It would not be the fault of political science were every one of its predictions to turn out to be wrong.

Political science, you trained and employ me.

The only thing you haven’t given me is a reason to stay.

Robert Putnam plays detective, solves crimes.

Social science has always sought to serve the state, which more or less rejects it.


Yes, policy is complex, but politics is simple.

Apolitical political science.

The way you analyze politics reminds me of a manners-mongerer describing silverware.

Seriously, who cares?

I have never seen a group of scholars work so hard on basically unmotivated research.

I’m in a political science department.

The advantage is that I must defend everything, including myself, exhaustively. The disadvantage is that I’m beyond exhausted.

Beyond disciplines.

Literature is too important to leave to literary studies. Politics is too important to leave to political science.

Political Science.

Your study of politics is a study of voting because your biggest political problem is choosing a candidate in the next election.

Coffee talk.

Political science: neither political nor scientific. Discuss!