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Mao’s “cultural revolution.”

A great leap in the wrong direction.

We want to move forward.

Which direction is forward? Who decides that question? Who bears this desire?

Political theorists don’t think I do political theory.

Maybe I don’t. Then again, the amount of things I don’t do could fill a library.

A basic question of “radical democracy.”

Is our basic political capacity speech/action or work/production?

Liberalism is dead.

Yet we are looking only to reactions to liberalism as alternatives. Our political experiences have far outstripped our political thinking.

For the Boggs.

The shortest distance between two political points is an arc.

Rejecting ideology is good.

The problem is the ones who say they do merely default to the dominant ideology. 


Are you the exception to the rule or have you been excepted from their rules?

These struggles are real.

“Non-violence” names a struggle that would prefer not to kill others. “War of position” names a strategy that would prefer not to kill itself.

How is the personal political?

The personal is the political not because power is exercised there, but rather because antagonism is ever present.