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I have always leaned Left.

I am feeling more like myself lately.

Theory, production, and practice.

All of us do all three. Some of us specialize in one. Two out of three ain’t bad. 

Now is the time.

We will see who takes responsibility for this country and who will not. 

All men aren’t brothers.

Yet all leftists are comrades.

Politics, culture.

It is up to political culture to complexify what cultural politics simplifies.

The presumption is everything is political.

The burden is on you if you claim something is not.

An intentional ambiguity.

We can’t change ourselves without changing the world. 

The two US parties aren’t the same.

Even where the center exercises power, the right exercises leadership. 

These are not equivalents.

Left: the existence for struggle. Right: the struggle for existence.

What do these qualifiers do?

The “capitalist” in capitalist markets is not redundant, but a necessary specification; the “racial” in racial capitalism is redundant, but a necessary reminder.