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On what terms do we live and die?

Life and death as political questions.

Centrism is neither a position nor a force.

Centrism is rather parasitic on left and right positions, falling and rising forces.

Two kinds of reform.

Some reforms make change possible, others make sure it never comes.

The point of freedom?

The point of freedom is to live free.

Liberty and license.

Liberty minus responsibility equals license.

Liberalism is not democracy.

This is the kernel of truth expressed, yet distorted in the centrist’s false equivalence of left and right “populisms.”

Liberal democracy is democratic liberalism.

What we are witnessing in the US and elsewhere is the de-linking of and contradiction between liberalism and democracy.

Wealth and power.

Trumpism is based on an impoverished model of wealth and a repressive model of power.

Is the United States a superpower?

That nation, it turns out, is more violent than powerful. It is rather the people that bear the power to shape change.

Fascists believe that all politics is war.

They even believe that all economics is war. Sadly, they may have a point.