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The political and the social.

Take political ideology out of social reality only if you are ready to watch it dissolve.

Some “political activism” merely acts out personal problems.

Yet even more “personal traumas” are actually political problems.

How is the personal political?

The personal is the political not because power is exercised there, but rather because antagonism is ever present.

Ethical and/or political.

Ethical maturity means seeing all the colors; political maturity means seeing in black and white.

Left polarities.

The first pole is aesthetic: the drive to create. The second pole is political: the drive to emancipate.

The personal isn’t always political.

One can rely on individual strength to “get ahead”; it takes collective power, though, to “move forward.”

Sovereignty is a possibility within the mental sphere.

It is an impossibility in the political realm and a fantasy in the sexual field.


The aesthetic, the ethical, the political; Heidegger’s Being and Time, Sartre’s Being and Nothingness, Badiou’s Being and Event.

Solutions in a different register.

Jazz is the only music which has solved the “political” problem of collective action and self-disclosure.

To love is to suspend criticism.

The intellectual and political cannot be subtended by love, as their affective ground is respect. In this respect, their contrast with aesthetics and ethics is undeniable.