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Postmodernity, pluralism, politics.

Post-modern societies are so plural that anyone, no matter how much they conform to one norm, can plausibly claim to “transgress” another. 

More a political than a technical problem.

They understand us better than We understand Them, despite our technically superior media and networks.

Do we need another war on poverty?

What about a better anti-capitalist politics instead?

For the Boggs.

The shortest distance between two political points is an arc.

Political virtues.

From least to most important: consciousness, creativity, and courage.

Rejecting ideology is good.

The problem is the ones who say they do merely default to the dominant ideology. 

Demonstrate that you are for humanity.

Then we can discuss what kind of “leftist” you might be. Can we skip this question of “belief”?

“I recognize you.”

The academic fetish of Black and Indigenous voice, authenticity, and suffering is predicated on the whitest politics of recognition.

Political action is unpredictable.

It would not be the fault of political science were every one of its predictions to turn out to be wrong.

You claim to be a “cynic,” but you are a huge conformist.

The contradiction is merely apparent: you are “cynical” only against critical, radical, and left currents.