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“I recognize you.”

The academic fetish of Black and Indigenous voice, authenticity, and suffering is predicated on the whitest politics of recognition.

Political action is unpredictable.

It would not be the fault of political science were every one of its predictions to turn out to be wrong.

You claim to be a “cynic,” but you are a huge conformist.

The contradiction is merely apparent: you are “cynical” only against critical, radical, and left currents.

I did not become radicalized.

Politics is radical, and thought must be equally so.

Politics is simple.

Complexity is for scientists, intellectuals, and literary scholars.

The center says the left and the right are the same.

They are right in one respect: the left and right are political, while the center is not.

Who are “the people”?

The masses are mediocre; the multitudes are great.

The world is the basic political category.

The subject is basically an apolitical category. If the subject is politicized, it has transformed into a self.

Politics can happen between two.

So can society, economics, community, or culture. It all depends on the quality of the relationship.

Status, fame, pleasure.

I wouldn’t follow your dreams; I’d dream dreams worth following first.