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Radical movements not only expand the terrain of what is politically possible; they also enlarge the horizons of what is politically thinkable. 

Spring 2020 to the present.

I have never felt like less of a political theorist, and I have never cared less about that fact.

Moderation of what?

In the U.S. since Reagan, the political moderate has represented a moderation of right-wing ideology.

Put another way.

The political function of art is to show that the status quo cannot be kept.

Politics, aesthetics, world.

The political function of art is to interpret the impossibility of keeping the world as it is.

Yes, I’ve joined the party.

You know, though, that I’m one of those annoying “individualists” who chaffes against party discipline.

Why many hate politics.

Other kinds of order may be natural and spontaneous, but political order is unachievable outside of artifice and organization. 

This is how history works.

Old Left divides can be overcome, but only on New Left terms.

Postmodernity, pluralism, politics.

Post-modern societies are so plural that anyone, no matter how much they conform to one norm, can plausibly claim to “transgress” another. 

More a political than a technical problem.

They understand us better than We understand Them, despite our technically superior media and networks.