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Position, power, perform.

What you say can change where you say it.

You do European studies.

Your position as a Europeanist, however, precludes you from keeping Europe in perspective.

Where do they belong?

You can tell a lot about a writer’s position from the location of their “ironic quotes.”

Seen from a position.

It is only “natural” for higher strata to look down upon lower strata.

Direction and position.

The path you have chosen indicates the side you have taken.


Let our positions be compromising without being compromised.

Claim of position vs. position of claim.

While he claimed to be above it all, he appeared to be beneath himself.

Every position pays a price.

The wager of empiricism is that rationalism is not reasonable.

The position of no position.

Political neutrality is a position—the lamest one.

Sleeping on your back.

The optimal position from which to bolt.