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We appear to need them, but they in reality need us.

Our recognition of their supposed specialness is the effect, not the cause of their actual power over us.

Wealth and power.

Trumpism is based on an impoverished model of wealth and a repressive model of power.

I distrust people who pursue power.

But I distrust them far less than I do people who want no power at all.

Capitalism is social power.

The one thing that cannot be a “big deal” is yourself, no matter how “successful” you are.

Position, power, perform.

What you say can change where you say it.

Who is more delusional?

Scholars interested in ideas and truth see themselves as special. Scholars interested in prestige and power, though, believe all scholars are like them.

How is the personal political?

The personal is the political not because power is exercised there, but rather because antagonism is ever present.

There’s so much to life.

Yet the powerful pretend that life is all brutal struggle to justify their efforts at domination in advance.

Deleuze and Guattari are brilliant.

But eccentrics are mostly harmless to centralized powers-that-be.

Is it will power?

Not unless its writhing against restraints, I say. Otherwise, I would call it “habit power.”