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“Angry Asian Man.”

Not all anger is born of vanity; some of it is grounded on self-respect .

How can I be “ashamed” of U.S. history?

I never assumed I should be “proud” of it in the first place.

I would put you down.

But why should I lower myself?

Literary bestiary.

The lions do not to attack the porcupine wandering through their pride. How hilarious—they assume those quills are for fighting!

Behold this hi-rise.

Do its sheer faces and great heights not seem proud?

That’s what friends aren’t for.

Anyone who is ashamed or proud to be your friend is only an acquaintance. Friendship ends the moment it is measured against social standards.

Three kids with one knife held me up.

My finances will hold up, my pride was not so lucky.

Why so proud?

You have a knack for clearly discerning the ideas of others. This only proves that you have few ideas of your own that would get in the way.

Asian pride is mostly harmless.

It’s the Asians who are proud of not being Asians that I worry about.