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The doomsayers principle.

All must believe that the situation is worse than it is before any will work to make it any better.

Intolerance of intolerance for tolerance, etc.

Every universal principle acquires its coherence by contradicting itself at the point of self-defense.

The principle is “Love your enemies.”

The point cannot be “You don’t have enemies.”

Credulous towards all the wrong things.

The skeptic towards every principle is often the biggest sucker for any product on the market.

The hidden mouth.

Our pursuits of pleasures always articulate something universal which exceeds every particular pursuit: it pleases me to call this excess “principle.”

Self-hatred is not necessarily pathological.

In the best of cases, it is the principled refusal to exempt oneself from a general misanthropy.

Near enemies.

Solidarity pertains to principle at the risk of self-preservation, identification pertains to self-preservation at the risk of principle.