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Why privilege time over space?

Your body may have been dislocated, but your self has never been dirempted.

Bong Joon-ho, “Parasite.”

There is nothing romantic about oppression, least of all for the oppressed. Yet some of the privileged side with the oppressed anyways.

True, I have first world problems.

All that means is my problems are more privileged than yours.

The system of justifying the system.

Affirmative action enrages privileged groups because they are anxious their own status will be exposed as “unearned.”


Consider how much must be taken for granted in order to experience the loss of love to be the defining trauma of one’s life.


Privileged people are not so stupid as to believe that they do not enjoy certain privileges. What they stupidly believe is that such benefits are their just deserts.

Please open up your wallet.

Let us have a look at that all of that “checked privilege.”

The democratization of privilege.

The luxury of boredom once reserved for aristocrats has been extended to managers, laborers, and unemployed people.

A common experience.

What a privilege it is for each of us to be a “me.”