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What’s your problem?

The basic problem of all philosophy.

Assume the self is a problem.

Is the solution to affirm this problematic? Or is it, more radically, to dissolve the problem?

Model minority, yellow peril.

White Americans figured Asian Americans could solve “the problem” of black Americans. Yet their solution is yet another “problem people.”

Political Theory.

Your study of politics is a study of books because your biggest political problem is what book to read next.

What is his problem?

That huge dick fears he has a small penis.

For E. V. Wolfenstein.

We are the problem that we are trying to solve. Our problem is that not all problems admit of solutions.


The first step toward politics is getting society to admit it is a problem.

They say One does this.

But They say this and One does that—therein lies the problem.

Is that a problem?

That everything is also something else is the common assumption of theorists of alienation and interdependence.

As with spirituality and ecology.

Yeah, I know—people are the problem.