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For the Boggs.

The shortest distance between two political points is an arc.

Films without Futures.

“The drone” sound effect taps into anxieties over meaningless process and exhausted progress.

Outrage culture is the symptom.

The disease is the exhaustion of social progress.

Official vs actual standards.

In progressive eras, actual standards are higher than official ones. In reactionary eras, official standards are higher than actual ones.

Illusions of progress.

Ever notice how every new software update looks and feels fresher than the last?

Twist, loop, and turn.

The way forward is not always straight.


The challenge is to remain progressive without believing in progress.

This text is terribly dry.

The winds of progress will soon blow it away.

What is called “progress”?

A slight increase in suffering, a moderate decrease in pain, and a great increase in delusion. 

Cranky young man.

In the midst of a “progress” which disrespects the aged, all ages quickly regress to immaturity.