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The costs of progressive ideology.

It is cowardly and delusional to think that your forebears were not as conscious or courageous as yourself. 

It isn’t about patience.

Some patience is really pacing and hence necessary for progress; some patience is just avoidance and hence disastrous for it.

This one’s optimistic.

What certain “post-modernists” hate about “grand histories of progress,” I suspect, is its psychology more than its teleology.

I’d say about half.

How many of those “sophisticated critiques” of progress were meant to keep our societies the same and us in our place?


You can’t be a “progressive” unless you have a notion of “progress.”

You no longer believe in Progress.

Why not? Just because your little corner of the world is stationary or regressing?

For the Boggs.

The shortest distance between two political points is an arc.

Films without Futures.

“The drone” sound effect taps into anxieties over meaningless process and exhausted progress.

Outrage culture is the symptom.

The disease is the exhaustion of social progress.

Official vs actual standards.

In progressive eras, actual standards are higher than official ones. In reactionary eras, official standards are higher than actual ones.