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Feelings are supposed to change.

X: You won’t feel that way in a couple of years. Y: That just proves that I’m doing it right.


There is no such thing as a thinker with nothing to prove.

For Leslie Marmon Silko.

People think that if their children look like them, things are staying the same. But that a child is born is proof enough that each is new.

What need for proof?

The good thing about thinking you’re smarter than everyone is you don’t get into arguments where you’re trying to prove you’re smarter than everyone.

On proof.

Reasoning through rather than reporting an insight can weaken it.

You have proved your point.

As if proving something proves anything!

Why are you saying that?

Valentine’s Day is the day when saying you don’t care about something is proof enough that you do.


1. It is what it is. 2. If a thing should be itself, then it is what it should be. 3. If a thing should be, as opposed to simply being, then it should be what it isn’t. 4. So it is what it should be and it should be what it isn’t. 5. Therefore, […]

Existential proof.

I was an existentialist long before I had heard the word.