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What can be “owned”? Who can “own” it?

Critics of the notion of cultural appropriation, strangely, often defend the notion of intellectual property.

Go ahead, steal my ideas.

I’ve got plenty more where those came from.

This is me, that is mine…

What appears to be an independently existing self is actually a property relationship.

A flag does not make the moon yours.

Point a finger at the moon to indicate it is already at the tip of your nail.

Time is not a property.

It cannot be appropriated, stolen, or divided.

There are no private words or languages.

To use the term “property” properly is to describe things whose claiming by a private entity does not constitute theft.

Patriarchy and property.

Marriage rituals from giving away the bride to shotgun weddings to the payment of dowry presuppose that a father has a property interest in his daughter’s sexuality. Father-daughter incest is the wrong which reveals the obscenity of this “right.”


Fictions like property rights do not make appropriation any more or less just; property laws are just rules for another game of chance and skill.

Natural abundance.

I’ll steal a line or two from prolific authors; they’ll have good and plenty left afterwards.