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Can I get a refund?

This reality principle is unreal.

Listening to Bruce Reis.

I am listening with you, to us, and for all.

Our subjectivity is more than anxiety and sexuality.

Yet both anxiety and sexuality prevent us from seeing this truth.

Psychoanalytic politics.

Carl Jung is archetypically conservative, the common denominator of Joseph Campbell and Jordan Peterson.

Movies are “electric shadows.”

The best are shadows of “the Real.” And we only apprehend “the Real” through shadows.

It’s just that kind of thing.

Anxiety remains diffuse and mobile even after its origin and cause have been identified.

Psychoanalytic anti-utopianism.

Home is no place, least of all within yourself. 

Men want to be him, women want him?

Fine, but let’s admit that envy is also desire and desire is also envy.

Your self is like chain mail.

Mind the unexpected breaks in the defense.

Peterson versus Zizek according to Suzuki.

Psychoanalysis is a philosophy. Philosophy is a game that nobody wins.