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De Botton, “Status Anxiety.”

Quaint self-help for the bourgeois reading public that may have worked before 2008.

Neoliberalism turned you around.

The public sector doesn’t have illegitimate privileges that nobody should have; it provides useful, secure jobs that everybody should have. 

What connection?

Publicized bodies, privatized minds.

How anal can you get?

The guy in the next stall wiped his ass for a full five minutes.

What not to read.

You don’t read every book at the public library. You don’t read every book in a private one, either.

They say suicide is selfish.

I disagree. The suicide of some would be a public service.

An entirely public life is deprived.

But this deprivation is orders of magnitude less than an entirely private life.


A public display of affection is a pseudo-public display of pseudo-exclusivity.

Can you bare your soul to the public?

Well, you can flood your body with light in search of your shadow.

For Rorty.

We need irony in public life because authorities are no longer serious. We need seriousness in private life because no ironist believes their love is a language game.