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We’re in this together?

Well, we are bound together in conflict. 

Public bathrooms are a paradox.

They demonstrate that the private owes its existence to the public.

De Botton, “Status Anxiety.”

Quaint self-help for the bourgeois reading public that may have worked before 2008.

Neoliberalism turned you around.

The public sector doesn’t have illegitimate privileges that nobody should have; it provides useful, secure jobs that everybody should have. 

What connection?

Publicized bodies, privatized minds.

How anal can you get?

The guy in the next stall wiped his ass for a full five minutes.

What not to read.

You don’t read every book at the public library. You don’t read every book in a private one, either.

They say suicide is selfish.

I disagree. The suicide of some would be a public service.

An entirely public life is deprived.

But this deprivation is orders of magnitude less than an entirely private life.


A public display of affection is a pseudo-public display of pseudo-exclusivity.