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Can you bare your soul to the public?

Well, you can flood your body with light in search of your shadow.

Mask, stage, spotlight.

The real pretense in an act of public exposure is that one can avoid pretending to be someone else.


We hear much about the monastic and lay communities, but much less about the solitary practioners. All is well—this is how the pratyekabuddhas like it.

Public opinion is opinion about the public.

It consists in opinions formed by publics in debate. So public opinion is an opinion about the public which partakes of publicity.

Hidden goodness, exposed badness.

It is not good to be caught doing something good. It is not bad to be caught doing something bad.

Public/private as publicity.

To see that public heroism is superior to private heroics, compare the actions of Antigone to those of Mary Kay Letourneau.