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We want to move forward.

Which direction is forward? Who decides that question? Who bears this desire?

We are just talking.

X: Who is this “we”? Y: I’ll leave it to you to answer such unanswerable questions.

There is no “why.”

The only question of living, the only vital question, is “how.”

A research question is not a puzzle.

A puzzle is something that can be solved. The best questions, for better or worse, cannot.

Why is there evil?

Behind this question is the question of theodicy.

Classroom etiquette.

A good teacher gets some students to question things out loud. With the remainder, they communicate face-to-face.

You will never figure out why you did that.

The question to focus on is who you have become in doing that.

Who am I?

And what is this “I” which asks who I am?

What good is resentment doing me?

Only someone with luck enough to have never been dominated can even ask that question.

I am ahead or behind the curve?

You only have the right to ask this question if your bent is a little different.