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Size and sight.

These questions are so small, I have to squint to see them; even then, their significance is not at all clear. 

U.S. radicalism as a structural location.

U.S. radicals turn to the right questions for the right motives; the problem is they do it in the wrong way for the wrong reasons.

How do I know the author is wealthy?

Among the tell-tale signs are unnecessary questions, ambiguous answers, leisurely pacing, and “good taste.” 

A few questions.

“Who are the people?” is a question which cannot be answered. “Where are the people?” is a question which can only be answered by pointing.

We ask if the ancients are still relevant.

Ask instead if we are worthy of learning from them.


The original question is where all of the other questions originate.


Science has the power to transform questions into answers. Speculation has the power to change answers back into questions.

Three interdisciplinary questions.

A: Where might it arise? B: How does it work? C: What could it mean? 

To answer your question…

The inquisitive prefer answers in the form of replies, not solutions.