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Intersectional implications.

Every axis of social formation can move in at least two directions (oppressor and oppressed), where it crosses at least one other axis (e.g. gendered race, raced gender).

Don’t read “the classics” in terms of identity.

If they spewed idiocies about race, nation, gender, and sexuality, who knows what else they could be wrong about?

You think I am crying “wolf” about racism?

I think you are naïve as to how many wolves roam this wilderness.

Whiteness is appropriation.

Whiteness first appropriates labor and land; only later does it “appreciate” cultures and moralities.

You demand apologies over racist remarks?

Your manners are beyond reproach, but you lack anything resembling a political agenda.

First memory of self-consciousness.

I am staring at a black girl who is staring at me: we are both about five years old, waiting for fast food with our mothers.

Radiolab, “Yellow Rain.”

What experts give are expert opinions.

From bad to worse.

The only thing stupider than a white person telling me what it means to be Asian is an Asian person telling me how to be Asian.

“Bo Jack Horseman.”

All animals are humans and all humans are white: I’d say it were a clever play on species and racial taxonomies, but that would be horseshit.

Please put that phone away.

My phenotype is not your photo opportunity.