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Nothing left to be afraid of.

Covid19 made it all too clear that Asians in the West have always been vulnerable and expendable. 

Other, opposite.

The other of racism is meritocracy; the opposite of racism is equality.

Peter Wood, “Diversity.”

The book shows that previous generations of Americans were both more curious about “diversity” and more racist towards its bearers.

You think I am crying “wolf” about racism?

I think you are naïve as to how many wolves roam this wilderness.

Model minority, yellow peril.

White Americans figured Asian Americans could solve “the problem” of black Americans. Yet their solution is yet another “problem people.”

Imagination has never been enough.

The only way “beyond” capitalism, racism, and patriarchy is through strategy, experiment, and planning.


Ever notice how the ones who see your ideas about race as simple are the ones “blind” to their simple racism?

You demand apologies over racist remarks?

Your manners are beyond reproach, but you lack anything resembling a political agenda.

Movie magic.

You claim that this representation of barbarity, poverty, stupidity, etc. isn’t racist because it includes a few whites. That is like claiming that the insult that a man throws like a girl isn’t sexist.

How I know both are delusions.

People are trying to derive meaning from “culture” just like they used to derive it from “civilization.”