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Anytime I want to criticize an ancestor as “insufficiently radical,” I remind myself that their struggles are what afford me half a chance at surviving.

I did not become radicalized.

Politics is radical, and thought must be equally so.

Conditions and constraints.

Professors can be radical like celebrities can be humanitarian.

There are no radical post-modernists.

A “radical” goes to the root. But “post-modernism” has no roots—it is like seaweed.

This radical is rich.

Funny, he doesn’t put his mouth where his money is.

Used to be a radical?

I would not blame you for rejecting your former ideals as “unrealistic.” I would not praise you for it, either.

Principle and politics.

A radical pessimism is conservative, whereas a conservative pessimism is radical.


The conservative stays at the surface in order to conserve. The radical destructively plunges for the root. The indifferent don’t gauge depths so as to let things happen.