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It doesn’t matter how many will never read me.

It is still better to write for the sake of posterity than for the sake of productivity.

This book is boring.

It was written out of fear and it will be read with fear.

This book is boring.

Yet it was written with care and it will be read with care.

If I cited you, I read you at least twice.

If I criticized you, I read you three times or more.

There’s lots of writing down that rabbit hole.

It’s too bad, really, that none of it is yours.

Arguing in the dark.

Intentionally or not, an author spends a lifetime arguing with authors they have not read.

Reading defined.

A very curious kind of thinking.

Writing defined.

A very specialized kind of reading.

Let’s not write for algorithms.

I would rather write for the possibility of reading.

De Botton, “Status Anxiety.”

Quaint self-help for the bourgeois reading public that may have worked before 2008.