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De Botton, “Status Anxiety.”

Quaint self-help for the bourgeois reading public that may have worked before 2008.

He read everything.

That doesn’t mean he knew anything.

I’m not reading into things.

I’m reading, you illiterate.

You learn something every time you read this book.

Or maybe you just have an especially poor memory.

When to misread?

When an unavoidable reading is mistaken.

Kirstie McClure taught indispensable lessons.

She taught me how to read, why reading is also writing, and when to read charitably.

My friends wrote books.

They died before I was born, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t met them.

Read X against himself?

How about reading someone different for a change.

Some only read their friends.

I would read enemies too. And don’t forget to read the neutrals.

Slow reading is harder than speed reading.

The reason is that “slow reading” is actual reading.