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The political and the social.

Take political ideology out of social reality only if you are ready to watch it dissolve.

What am I doing?

The writer overemphasizes how far language is reality in a desperate search for a reality they can control.

What reality?

The dirty secret of reality TV is that social life is entirely scripted.

An empirical statement.

There is no way reality could be as boring as your thoughts make it out to be.

For Elliott Smith.

A distorted reality is now a necessity to be free. A clear dream will be a freedom out of necessity.

Why introspection is deception.

Your reality is between you and me, us and them—that is, entirely outside yourself.

“That’s just how it is” isn’t a statement of fact.

It is an invitation into a reconciliation with any and all kinds of reality.

Reality is intersubjective.

Your hidden, secret self is the least real of all.

Be careful what you look for.

The eye always on the lookout for hypocrisy has looked right past the reality of appearances.


Judgments about what is realistic are always informed by assumptions about what reality is.