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A chain of reasoning.

Everything happens. Everything happens for a reason. Everything happens without reasons. Nothing happens without reasons. Nothing happens for a reason. Nothing happens.

Give me a break.

Reasoning is compulsive for one who has not learned to suspend it.

“Discourse on the Otter.”

For some reason, I feel as though I were being mocked.

A reason?

I teach in the hopes of making the world less stupid.

Just like love.

Every hate has its own reason/rationalization.

Everything she says is true.

However, she deprives truth of its very life by speaking in the voice of reason.

This system allows for “reasonable” disagreement.

What reason do those whom the system calls “unreasonable” have for agreeing to disagree?

Suppose that reason is the same for all humans.

The thought of belonging to humanity would then explain the appeal of reason to those without a place in the world.

Some time has passed since the Sun set.

The illumination of events dispels the impression that “everything is the same” more convincingly than the light of reason in dark times.

You call that a light?

Reason is like a pair of night-vision goggles in the night of experience.