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I believe in nothing?

I do not “believe.” I’m not stuck on religious problems.

Religion is the original search for origins.

Then again, the search for origins is even more shrouded in mystery than the origin itself.

You are unimpressed with a religion after reading a few scriptures.

Then you mistook a sign saying “New York: 100 miles” for the city itself and wondered what all the fuss is about.

Bhavna Talwar, “Dharm.”

Pandit protects Mustafa/Kartikey from a raging, fundamentalist mob. His gesture of sublime compassion is, in this situation, the assumption of political authority.

Religious wisdom.

The claim that wealth and status have no bearing on the afterlife can be secularized as follows: such things do no good for the living, either.

Prince must be a genius.

How else could I get so excited over an oeuvre that consists entirely of songs about sex and religion?

Come on in!

A Taoist, upon learning of Shakyamuni Buddha, thought Lao Zi must have journeyed west. A Hindu, upon learning of Siddhartha Gautama, thought he sounded like an avatar of Vishnu.

Plurality of unity.

One great teaching spreads through an infinity of sectarian splits.

The actual reason science is not a religion.

Modern science posits a distinction between the scientific and the non-scientific. Hence science can claim that the existence of God or Gods is a non-scientific question. A proper religion makes no distinction between the religious and the non-religious. Hence religions can make ultimate claims about reality and truth.


Universal viewpoints.

Modern science and traditional religion can be reconciled in the same way rival political factions can come to a power sharing agreement.