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Truth is easy to remember.

But most of what is remembered is falsehood.

Why forgive and forget?

Forgiving is a form of remembrance.

Everyday life.

I’d like to be remembered as someone who said “no” where it counted.

No regrets.

Only reinterpretations can redeem our remembrances of times we’d rather, but cannot forget.

Anamnesis and the unconscious.

It takes bizarre concepts to explain the bizarre case of not knowing what we already know.

Flashing forward and back again.

She caught a glimpse of the future moment when she would remember this happiness as the past.

My friends, help me remember.

Otherwise our cause will be lost twice.

Self-devouring and sustaining.

My insatiable memory began to remember itself.

The new school believes its ideas are new.

It needs to verify this belief with the old school—the only school which remembers.

Cognitive errors can be experientially correct.

All rationalizations of déjà vu assume that time moves in one direction rather than all directions at once. Bereft of that assumption, we might see how things which haven’t happened yet can be remembered.