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Nauseating repetition.

Everything looks suspicious when one has not mastered one’s suspicions.

His name means bland repetition.

Phillip Phillips is the encore of 1990s white guy with a guitar pop-rock.

Do over.

The greater part of learning is learning to do things again.


How many lifetimes have you wandered through this world without beginning or end?

Victory as defeat.

The greatness of this thinker has been recognized. Everyone repeats their phrases without the slightest thought as to their meaning.

We will never tire of talking about sex and violence.

This is only to be expected of two experiences structured by the principle of endless repetition.

Speaking from the heart?

Saying the same thing over and over again.

Everything shown.

The mindless repetition, excruciating detail, and sheer explicitness of the novel make it social pornography.

Yeah, I’m repeating myself.

It’s the only way you’ll learn.

The bomb is the trauma.

Godzilla is the prehistoric repetition.