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An empirical statement.

There is no way reality could be as boring as your thoughts make it out to be.

Speak for yourself?

There you again—demanding the impossible!

Movie magic.

You claim that this representation of barbarity, poverty, stupidity, etc. isn’t racist because it includes a few whites. That is like claiming that the insult that a man throws like a girl isn’t sexist.

A word, for instance.

A representation has a presence all its own.

Moustapha Akkad, “The Message.”

What better representation of the representative of an all-seeing god than the camera itself?

Benny Chan, “Shaolin.”

What movie magic is required to montage a spirit in training!

Three laws of robotics.

Isaac Asimov reassured a cold war U.S. that their laborers would not revolt. He also let the U.S. middle-classes believe that we alone represent humanity.

David Huang, “Yellow Face” (again).

According to this play, the new left itself is the joke.

Everything that happens happens twice.

Everything that is present becomes so as a representation.

The late Coltrane.

Free jazz is painting without representation and theatre without narrative.