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Liberalism these days is neoliberalism.

We are past the point where it is irresponsible to make a value commitment to liberalism.

Trauma is not your fault.

Nonetheless, as with all experiences, dealing with it is your responsibility.


Nobody’s going to hit that jaywalker, but it would be Nobody’s fault if they tried.

The strength to not blame.

The weak blame others because they must. The strong assume responsibility because they can.

Adolescents who save the world?

Only the young can accomplish the new, a responsibility for which we are never quite mature enough.

Signs of responsibility.

Can this person claim and clean up their own mess? The answer is in their kitchen and bathroom.

The challenge of ethics.

It is to imagine how we can take responsibility for collective actions over which we have no ultimate control.

Want to deny responsibility?

You might start by conflating unexercised will with involuntary impulses.

Politics responsive and responsible.

Politics is doing what does not need to be done for causes that nobody else cares to do anything about.

Yes, I know it’s nobody’s fault.

That’s why I have to take responsibility for it.