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Bong Joon-ho, “Snowpiercer.”

Revolution, least of all in revolutionary war, redeems nothing. Yet some revolutionaries see the need for revolution anyways.

How “Joker” is just like “The Dark Knight Rises.”

“Kill the Rich” is the manifest, “progressive” content. “Revolution is revolt” is the latent, conservative form.

How you know it’s just a metaphor.

Some revolutions occur well below the threshold of consciousness.

Better and worse.

The only thing worse than a professional politician is a professional revolutionary. But the only thing better than a true statesman is a true radical. 

Do (all) revolutions transform humanity?

The human condition is largely consistent across the agrarian, industrial, and digital revolutions.

What event is imaginable?

Disaster. What event is unimaginable?

Not my word.

I am not working toward Revolution. I’m not waiting on it, either.

Revolutionary war.

Most “fight the system” movies cannot imagine revolution as anything other than the skilled utilization of violence.

Xie Yifan, your time is up.

The occupation of pre-revolutionary China is not a side plot, but the real plot of Hur Jinho’s “Dangerous Liasons.”

Murakami,“Norwegian Wood.”

The sexual relationships are the aborted attempts to birth a new order, the displacements of an impasse that love cannot resolve. This is Murakami’s true indictment of the student movement.