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Rhetorical force.

He droned on about the need for nuance—bluntly, of course.

This is the case.

X: Whether we like it or not… Y: You like that phrase; I do not.

A plea for reciprocity.

Please try seeing things from my perspective: you’re totally wrong.

“That’s just how it is” isn’t a statement of fact.

It is an invitation into a reconciliation with any and all kinds of reality.

Counter intuition as counter intelligence.

Might this formulation not be occasioned by a series of overwrought rhetorical questions?

Suppose that reason is the same for all humans.

The thought of belonging to humanity would then explain the appeal of reason to those without a place in the world.


Rhetoric, gender, economics, and ethnicity can escape dualism. Philosophy, sexuality, politics, and race cannot.

Everything can be symbolically turned.

Hence there is reversal in narrative, dialectic in philosophy, chiasmus in rhetoric, converse in logic, and disorientation in experience.


Rhetoric speaks to a broad range of our emotions. Logic works mostly on our smug sense of satisfaction.

The Art of Rhetoric.

A forceful analysis can always be outflanked by a well-turned phrase.