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How “Joker” is just like “The Dark Knight Rises.”

“Kill the Rich” is the manifest, “progressive” content. “Revolution is revolt” is the latent, conservative form.

The rich are by definition related to the poor.

What disturbs the rich is the possibility of a political relationship with the poor.

Nassim Taleb, “Black Swan.”

You admit that you aspired to be a philosopher, but ended up rich and famous instead.

Kevin Kwan.

You think you’re clever. You are—for a rich guy.

This radical is rich.

Funny, he doesn’t put his mouth where his money is.

It only goes one way.

The rich and powerful have done bad things to get where they are. This is not to say that the poor and oppressed have done any good.


How often do rich people say “thank you” or “sorry”?

Wishing for the impossible.

I don’t want to be rich. I just want the privileges of the rich to be decoupled from status and democratically enjoyed.

Higher values or higher privileges?

Rich folks can’t know the difference between not caring about money and not having to worry about money.