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These are not equivalents.

Left: the existence for struggle. Right: the struggle for existence.

The center accepts right leadership in the war on the left.

If so, beware the leftist who criticizes the center more than the right; beware the centrist who criticizes the left more than the right.

Centrism is neither a position nor a force.

Centrism is rather parasitic on left and right positions, falling and rising forces.

Moderation of what?

In the U.S. since Reagan, the political moderate has represented a moderation of right-wing ideology.

Where do communities come from?

They come from the past and, more importantly, the future; above and, more creatively, from below; the right and, more decisively, the left. 

The center says the left and the right are the same.

They are right in one respect: the left and right are political, while the center is not.

Right polarities.

The first pole is economic: the drive to profit. The second pole is ethical: the drive to rule.  

Existence is not a right.

Hence there is no way that you don’t have the right to exist.


Can the politically incapacitated be held culpable for their condition?

They were having a teaching moment.

But I learned nothing. I did not recognize their right to lecture me.