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How do I know?

Easy. I hate you the least.


The romantic bristles against the suggestion that she might be susceptible to anything as conventional as romance.

Dating and rating.

I would totally go out with her if she were taller, closer, and more attracted to me.

The moms love me.

It’s the daughters I have to work on.

Lam, “Tiramisu.”

Ridiculous, inconsistent, and awkward—the movie is perfectly fitted to its subject matter.

Why did I spill?

I want to be rejected for who I truly am.

Marius and Cossette.

Their bland romance is the backdrop against which Epinone’s passion appears with startling intensity.

A romance for no ages.

Pop culture likes to turn events of world historical significance into the backdrop for petty dramas that properly concern two people.

Contempt for my kind.

Men today actually obsess about romance just as much as women were ever supposed to have back in the day.

No wonder modernity is obsessed with it.

The collective conflicts of this world (rival houses, clans, nations, etc.) unite the two lovers in the next: even traditional romances admit that love is radically antisocial, suicidal, and otherworldly.