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Are you the exception to the rule or have you been excepted from their rules?

Right polarities.

The first pole is economic: the drive to profit. The second pole is ethical: the drive to rule.  

Rule: every case is an exception that exceeds the rule.

Exception: the paradigmatic case is an exception that defines the rule.

Laws cannot rule.

The rule of law at most means that the law is the set of rules which authorize and limit those who rule.

The dialectic of Reitman, “Up in the Air.”

First, there was the rule and he was the exception. Next, he tried to become the rule, but the rule ruled against him. Finally, he understood himself as the exception the rule required.

Looks like the rule to me.

This intellectual claims an exception from equality for themselves on intellectual grounds.

The exception within the rule.

The inclusion of one anti-X gives makes the X group more X than the exclusion of all not-X would have.  

Which of these is a rule?

1. There is the rule 2. There is the exception to the rule 3. There is the exception to the exception.

Every rule admits of exceptions.

Moreover, every exception admits of exceptions. However, the exception of the exception admits of no rule.

Adolescent humor.

A: You are an anarchist. And a juvenile one at that. B: Only politically. When it comes to anything else, I totally rule.