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The transition from adversary to be debated to enemy to be defeated marks the shift from politicized intellectual to intellectualized politics. 

Get it ambiguous, get it straight.

The pariah/parvenu and prophet/fraud distinctions belong to the order of “undecidibility.” The friend/enemy and right/wrong distinctions, however, belong to the order of “decisiveness.”

Kim, “Heavenly Creature” (again).

The chairman of UR claims that robots are the enemy of humanity. The structure of this statement is Christian political theology.

The decided comes after the decision.

A decision puts an end to a long chain of discourse. Meaning from the surrounding sentences rushes in, filling the gap.

Dearest enemy

Thank you for teaching me the true meaning of friendship.

Every rule admits of exceptions.

Moreover, every exception admits of exceptions. However, the exception of the exception admits of no rule.


If “friends, there are no friends” and “enemies, there are no enemies,” then “humans, there are no humans.”