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This is about scholarship.

There is no problem with white people doing Black or Indigenous studies. The problem is people doing white Black studies or white Indigenous Studies.  

I’ve heard young scholars admit they want fame.

Some scholars, I’ve also heard, are forever young.

If I cited you, I read you at least twice.

If I criticized you, I read you three times or more.

Scholarship is organized by fads.

Its proponents will deny faddishness while the fad is hot and quietly discard it during the cooling-off. Its opponents will deny that the fad is over, attacking it decades after its passing.

What did I think of that book?

I think a hundred something pages of counterintuitive, seemingly clever arguments does not make the slightest contribution to knowledge.

“The West” is not trying to understand “the East.”

It is looking for an elsewhere to argue about what it believes it already knows.

Disturbing the dead.

Any scholarly debate that revolves around the ethical character of a long-dead figure is badly timed.