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Common sensible.

The “Flat Earth” hypothesis is only absurd to those with the modern scientific distrust of our senses.

A certain “realism.”

Science fictions don’t describe the facts or the future; they rather demonstrate how facts and futures are made.

H.G. Wells, “The Time Machine.”

The dystopian vision of industrial capitalism is undercut and strengthened by its fear of monstrous workers.

Enough with the monologues, Edward Bellamy!

What your socialism wants is a compelling narrative.

Reading list.

I’ve been reading a lot of social science lately. Good thing I like science fiction.

The right thing in the wrong place.

The sci-fi channel stands to science fiction writing as the history channel stands to historical writing.

The most political genre of film.

I nominate historical drama and science fiction for this award: the first for showing us what might have been and the second for showing us what might yet be.


The idea that we’re descended from an alien-species is a symptom of our social alienation.