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You want to remove ambiguities?

You call that “rigor.” I call it “taking good stuff out.”

Normal science.

Here it takes a hundred pages—one hundred brilliant ones at that—to enlarge a field of scholarship by a mere centimeter.

Common sensible.

The “Flat Earth” hypothesis is only absurd to those with the modern scientific distrust of our senses.

A minor agreement in a major disagreement.

Democracy and Science agree that scholars need not be gentlemen or men of any sort.

Coffee talk.

Political science: neither political nor scientific. Discuss!

Not the art of self-reflection.

Using psychological tools calibrated to market metrics is the science of self-surveillance.

Out in the field.

The humanities are like martial arts, the sciences are like team sports.


The job of philosophy, if conceived as the framer of or ground-layer for scientific investigations, is to put philosophers out of work.

The gold standard of science?

There is a strong correlation between thinkers who predict and predictable thoughts.

Modern science reduced the stature of mankind.

It cleared the way for the immense contempt that modern mankind shows itself.