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You fantasized that you saw without being seen.

Suddenly, you noticed someone looking back. Now you fantasize that you have been overlooked.

Thinking and seeing.

Good: think about your thinking. Better: see there is thinking.

Seeing is only sometimes believing.

Yet seeing is somehow always conceiving.

We’re swimming in the same fishbowl.

Unlike most of us, you can see the water. Why can’t you taste all the shit in it?

That look.

I cannot look you in the eye online; I can only see an image of your eye.

Seeing and doing.

Desires invisible, efforts unsightly.  


You know that it is true. You just don’t see that it is true yet.


Sight is seen once the “I” is seen.

A walk with Sunim Hye Wol.

I caught a glimpse of what he saw in the way that he looked at dogs, squirrels, and trees.

You are constantly posting selfies.

What you display is not your self, but rather your correct belief that your self needs to be seen to be believed.