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Walking and Seeing.

The first step towards seeing the world around you is closing your eyes.

The visionaries have left us.

The basic condition for learning to see again is the assumption of this loss.

I didn’t see the movie.

I saw the billboard. I’ve seen enough.

Fish don’t see the water.

A fish out of water can see it and knows he needs it

I think I’m thinking about you.

But I see that I am thinking about me.

You see much less than me.

But it’s not my fault that you go to sleep every night.

Social reality is an empty room whose every wall is a mirror.

One must go into the room to see what is there; otherwise, there will be nothing to see at all.

It’s hard to scandalize a scoundrel.

He’s seen it all. Plus, most of it was his own doing.

I see more than black and white.

Just look at all those wonderful shades of grey!


Thinking with the eyes corresponds to seeing with the mind.